Flyrite Chicken, Austin, TX

For a while, I have been driving past this place that was being built on Burnet called Flyrite Chicken. I was waiting for it to open to try it. Finally, I saw an ad on Facebook for it, so I knew it was open and ready for me to see what they had.

The place prides itself on using better ingredients, including cane sugar in their drinks.

The place was definitely busy and packed.

So packed, that we had to go outside.

I had a regular chicken sandwich. It was fresh and tasted homemade. It was definitely good.

Just like Whole Foods, there was a place to be environmentally friendly and throw away recyclables.

This place was definitely good and had a more authentic taste to it versus the chain restaurants. It’s not terribly far from my apartment, so I may have to stop another time or two when I get a chicken craving.

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