Focus Hits A Quarter Million Miles

As you probably already know, I put a lot of miles with my Focus traveling all over the place. I bought it brand new in October 2007 with 100 miles on it and have since taken it through 40 US states, 2 Canadian provinces, and into Mexico one time. So far the car has been solid and the first time it left me stranded was when the alternator went out at 247,000 miles.

When I tell people the mileage on my car, their jaws drop. They are even more amazed when I mention that I still have the original clutch in it and everything else is pretty much original. The car still gets the same gas mileage as the day I got it and doesn’t burn oil. The one thing that does suck is, being a northern car originally, it is starting to show its wear underneath. When getting a new set of tires at Firestone they referred to me and my car as, “being the one who had the car that lived up North.”

With that, it is still my daily driver and on the way back to Texas in Madison, I rolled over to 250,000.

One end of me wants to see how many more miles I can get on this car, but another says I need to start looking for a new car. This car has been great and I will definitely have to stick with a Built Ford Tough Ford.

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