Fort Dells Laser OPS Compound, Wisconsin Dells, WI

How do you shoot your friends (or strangers) without making a big mess? Laser tag! I’ve done the paintballing thing a bunch of times but have never actually done laser tag. This changed when I went to my buddy’s bachelor party in Wisconsin Dells. Our first stop was at Fort Dells Laser OPS Compound.

Just by looking at the outside, you can tell it was going to be a fun battle. Upon entering the inside, you started to prepare for full combat mode.

We got our instruction on how to use the guns. It was headshots only since that’s where the sensors were. Two hands were always supposed to be on the gun (this obviously limited my pictures to between matches). I guess that meant more aiming than just peppering the area with paintballs.

We put on bandanas, the teams were chosen, and then we went outside. It was a hot day and it got even hotter running around in the direct sun on blacktop. Being not in the best shape made things very sweaty. Most of the other guys were in the same boat.

Between games we took breaks and got our results.

The next match was indoors and the third match back outdoors. The final match was a last man standing.

Laser tag was fun and I got my fair share of exercise. It was definitely a lot less messy than paintball. It was also less painful on the outside of my body. On the inside, it’s a toss up since I probably would have got just as sore paintballing.

I can tell you the technology behind laser tag is way more advanced than paintball. The guns themselves registered shots on you from the sensors. They would become less accurate on each hit you took until you eventually “died” after the sixth shot. You’d have to go back and respawn at a designated spot. You also had to make sure to reload with a button on the gun. It felt like just as much of a mental game as a physical game.

This differs from paintball being almost all physical. Paintball you feel the hit. Laser tag it just registers on a gun. Reloading is physically done with paintball. It’s the touch of a button with laser tag. It’s definitely a much different game doing laser tag, but it’s a lot of fun. Fort Dells Laser OPS Compound is a great place to do this at!

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