Founder’s Museum & Pioneer Village, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Every time I would drive up to Thunder Bay, I’d pass Founder’s Museum & Pioneer Village. Usually when I had a chance to stop, it would be the middle of winter and they’d be closed. Other times, they may have been open, but I was cramped for time. This time, I was finally able to stop.

Now this place if very cool. It is set up like how an old village would have been around circa 1920. There is so much stuff to look at, that I had to separate most of the buildings into their own blog posts.  The price of admission is technically free, but you definitely want to stuff a few bucks into the donation box after seeing it.

The guy who was dressed as the Sheriff during my visit was super friendly and explained a lot of the background of the museum. “Make yourself at home and check everything out.” I took his words of advice and did a ton of exploring. If you are any sort of history buff, this is definitely a place that you want the check out. You could spend hours here looking at everything!

The following are the pages for each of the buildings:

  1. Front and Outside of Buildings
  2. Train
  3. Church
  4. Schoolhouse
  5. Teacher’s House
  6. General Store
  7. Village Fashions, Dentist Office, and Library
  8. Walter’s Auto and Cycle Shop
  9. Farmhouse
  10. Wood Working Shop
  11. Blacksmith Shop
  12. Shoemaker

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