Fourth of July (Not So) Fireworks

Last year for the Fourth of July, I had a rare 3 day weekend. I was still a contractor working for TABC, so I did not have any time off. I decided to take a surprise trip up to Wisconsin. Most people would have thought a 2600 mile round trip in 3 days was nuts, but I was up for the challenge. This year, since I am going up the weekend following the Fourth of July, I wasn’t quite as ambitious. I decided to see the fireworks here in Austin instead.

So I came up with this bright idea. I figured I could watch the fireworks on a rooftop bar downtown and beat the crowds. I found a parking garage close by, walked to a nearby rooftop bar, and when I initially sat down to an empty roof bar and saw the view, I was thinking I was definitely in luck.

I realized not many people had had the same idea as me. I found out why when the fireworks started and I could see some flashes and hear the booms from behind the buildings.

It was a cool night, so it was definitely relaxing. I could see 6th Street was starting to heat up.

As I walked back to the car, I saw this interesting sign.

In the parking garage, there was a good view of the Frost Bank Building.

I went back and chilled out at home. I guess next year, I’ll have to find a better spot where I can actually see the fireworks, but at the same time beat the crowds.

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