Free Play Denton, Denton, TX

Out of the all the Free Plays I went to, I spent the most time at Free Play Denton. Free Play Richardson sparked my trip to go to every Free Play. Free Play Denton is what sparked my adventure to explore Downtown Denton. Victoria and I ended up first playing a bunch of games at Free Play Denton and then getting a hotel room. From there, we got a Lyft back to downtown, did a little exploring, and then ended the night again at Free Play Denton.

Our wristbands from Free Play Richardson worked flawlessly to get us in the door.

I was soon in kid heaven again and off to play a bunch more arcade games!

After a while of playing games, Victoria and I went to the hotel and checked in. We then came back downtown and did our exploring. This time it was kid heaven with an adult twist. We decided to have a few drinks. There was an amazing selection of beer!

I found out there was a beer loyalty card. 6 drinks and you get free admission. Challenge accepted! I mean mathematically that was only 3 drinks for each of us, so this wouldn’t be too bad overall!

I pondered the beer selections and got a slight buzz going. I found that made playing arcade games a lot of fun! It was also great they had areas to put your drink as you played the games.

The challenge was finally unlocked! The last drink I had was a classy 40ozer of Colt 45.

I can definitely tell you the day crowd and night crowd are definitely different. I would have thought it was more packed during bar time, but it was the opposite. I guess a lot of people are bringing their kids and they don’t allow minors in after a certain time. I guess bar time is the best time for multiple reasons. There are less people, so it’s nice to get a buzz and not worry about running into anyone.

I had a really great time at Free Play Denton. Playing arcade games in itself is a lot of fun. Playing them while trying a couple different beers and being buzzed takes it to a whole new level! I even drank my way to free admission the next day at Free Play Arlington!

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