Free Play Richardson, Richardson, TX

It’s crazy about how long it can take for a Facebook ad to convert a customer, but Free Play Richardson is what spurred my whole trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area in the first place. We were in the DFW area for Victoria’s dad’s birthday. Being that Facebook knew where we were at, it served us an ad for Free Play Richardson.

There’s some arcades in Austin like Pinballz, but you need to pay for each game you play. The concept of being able to pay a single admission price and play as many games as we’d like sounded really appealing. We didn’t have time to visit on that trip, but I put it down on my list to visit someday…

…Someday ended up being a year-and-a-half later. I guess late is better than never. We pulled into a beat up parking lot and saw this retro looking building that seemed much cleaner and kept up compared to the surrounding neighborhood.

Victoria and I went inside, paid our admission, and got a wristband. I was immediately in arcade heaven! There were so many games I played as a kid and I didn’t even have to ration my quarters this time!

While the games spurred the inner child in me, there was a bar that had beer available if I wanted to adult a little bit.

I actually didn’t adult at this particular Free Play. I found out that my wristband would get me into the other two Free Plays in the area, Denton and Arlington. We had originally only wanted to go to Free Play Richardson and spend the night there, but my impulsive nature spurred a weekend adventure of going to the other two Free Plays and also discovering Downtown Denton (you can read about that adventure here).

It’s crazy how a Facebook ad can spur an adventure much later after the ad has been served. It’s even crazier that things fell into place for an even bigger adventure. Free Play Richardson sparked this adventure and the weekend was pretty amazing!

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