Freebirds World Burrito, Austin, TX

If you want a fast casual Mexican restaurant like Chipotle’s but a more local Austin-based chain with an insanely more awesome interior, Freebirds World Burrito or just, “Freebirds,” is the place to go. They are like Chipotle, but worlds better.

Freebirds specializes in burritos. And when I say burritos, I mean huge burritos. One burrito will get you stuffed!

This picture is not upside down. Like I said, the decor is very unique, including where you throw your trash.

If I have a burrito craving, I’ll skip Chipotle and come here. I see they’re a decent sized chain, but it’s awesome their headquarters is in Austin. Any time I’ve come here, I haven’t been disappointed, so I know I’ll be back when I want to completely stuff myself with a burrito!

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