Fresh Plus Grocery, Austin, TX

Just like I profiled places like Maltese Grocery and George’s Market in a Thunder Bay, I’m trying to hit up more local Austin grocery stores in my search for local products. One of these grocery stores I’ve been meaning to hit up is Fresh Plus Grocery. I had frequented the Jimmy John’s in the shopping center close to it and it caught my eye each time I was never there, but I never had a chance on my lunch break to stop in. I finally had some time on a weekend to drop by.

One thing I have found when I search for local products is that typically the smaller the grocery store, the more local products they tend to have. Fresh Plus Grocery appeared to be a bit smaller so I was definitely hopeful on finding a few things.

One thing that stood out was it appeared they had a lot of local beer.

I also found some local coffee.

While this summer sausage is not local to Austin, it is local to Central Wisconsin. While Texas reigns supreme in most smoked meats, I have yet to find good summer sausage made down here. I am happy to find grocery stores that carry the stuff that I prefer.

As far as I can see, it appears Fresh Plus Grocery is a good place to find local products. I do like how it is kind of tucked away from the busy part of the area so it makes it very easy to get in and out and also avoid massive crowds. The store is big enough that it appears it has everything I might need in a shopping trip, but small enough to have a really good selection of local products.

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