Friday Night Costco Dates

While you probably see a ton of different places that both Victoria and I go to to eat, it might come as a surprise to find out our most frequent place to eat is the food court at Costco. You would think a newly engaged couple in their mid-to-late 20’s would frequent a lot more lively places, but when it comes down to convenience, Costco is the place to be!

Victoria and I do a lot of our shopping at Costco. We find the things we enjoy consuming on a regular basis that won’t go bad before we consume them. This allows us to save a lot of money. We also like to save time, so we found out Friday nights are the best time to shop. The store itself isn’t as packed and we can get in and out much faster.

To also save time and money, we have a Friday night date at their food court. The food is really good, especially for the prices.

When you first walk up, you will see a huge hot case full of pizza and other warm things.

Behind it are massive pizza ovens where it appears they are making pizzas about as fast as they can.

Victoria usually gets a slice of pizza and a drink. I’ll usually get a slice of pizza, a drink, and a hot dog in which I load with ketchup, relish, and onions.

Overall, when we go on Friday nights the place isn’t too packed. It’s pretty easy to find a seat and then sit down and eat.

The night I took pictures for the blog entry, I was not super hungry so I just got a hot dog. Usually what I named above comes out for about $6-7, but this meal was under $5. You really can’t beat that!

After eating, we then proceeded to buy everything we needed. This was probably one of the more intense Costco shopping trips as we had run low on a bunch of stuff.

I know it’s kind of crazy with all the places I go to that Costco’s food court would be the place I frequent the most. Victoria and I just consider this our “Friday night Costco date” and it helps bring down the drudgery of the monotony of shopping. You’ll pretty much catch us here every single Friday!

Now if you’re reading this Costco, your food is great and the price can’t be beat. The only thing that would make our dates a bit better is if you had soft pretzels like Sam’s Club does. While Victoria and I have a strong preference to Costco, one thing we do miss about Sam’s is the pretzels they have in their food court. If you added this to the selection, it would make our cheap Friday night dates even more wonderful.

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