Frittella Italian Cafe, Bryan, TX

Slime in the ice machine! That’s something you won’t find here. When it came to the cleanliness of restaurants, Marvin Zindler was one of the biggest critics.

With that being said, he loved Frittella Italian Cafe.

When you walk into Frittella’s it has a very authentic Italian feel to it.

While the decor feels more upscale, the prices are that of Fazoli’s. You get an authentic experience for a fast food price! I was told the frittella is their signature dish (well it’s in their name). The frittella is like a calzone but it is fried instead of baked. Victoria told me it was small, so I also ordered a side salad. I went to the salad bar and loaded up. The salad bar was small and simple and I took pretty much a bit of everything.

The silverware was wrapped in a cloth napkin. As I said, fast food prices but much more upscale!

What really stood out with this salad was the bacon bits. They were real bacon and tasted nice and smoky! In the meantime we got an order of Italian bread.

The bread was fried pizza dough and something different than I had tasted before. It was sprinkled with parmesan cheese on the top. The marinara sauce tasted thick and homemade. Combined, everything went together well.

The great tasting bread was just a teaser for my pepperoni frittella. The outside of it was like the bread and the inside was filled with gooey cheese and pepperoni.

Victoria kind of lied to me on this one. I ate about 2/3 of the frittella and was stuffed. It was much bigger than she remembered. All I know is I didn’t go away hungry. I was so stuffed. Upon leaving, I got a few pictures of the inside.

When we drove around the outside, I saw their wall had a cool painting of Italy.

When it comes to Italian food this place is great! The food itself is really good. In addition, you get lower prices with a nicer atmosphere. When it comes to the best bang for your buck in Italian restaurants, this is the place to go! Of course, there’s also no slime in the ice machine.

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