Fuego in Waco

Just like my trip to Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras, I still needed to put a few more miles on my car before it was good for an oil change. I only had around 200 miles left, so I decided to go to Waco. Victoria had recommended a place that she used to eat at when she went to Texas A&M that had a location in Waco. It was a taco shop called Fuego.

Judging the the doors, it kind of had an upscale feel to it. The funny thing is I was told this is where the drunk Aggies would go after bar close. I guess it is a more upscale Taco Bell when you think about it.

The inside was a bit disorganized on trying to find a menu and then ordering. Normally for a casual place, there’s a menu on the wall but we had to go up front and grab a menu to look at before ordering.

We ordered and then got our number. The soda machine was kind of fancy.

Lucky we ordered when we did, because a crowd came in behind us.

They had a nice condiment and hot sauce bar.


chose to get some Yellowbird sauce. This is a local Austin company and I remember them doing a presentation at a meetup I attended on how they started their business and were able to expand it.

While I was waiting, I could see I was in Baylor country.

The tacos finally arrived. I got a Thunder Bird and Veggie Monster. The tortillas on them were excellent and the Yellowbird hot sauce made it an amazing meal!

I could see that other people thought it was a good place to eat, because the place was packed!

Victoria definitely did make a good recommendation and this place was really good. We decided to drive the backroads on the way back to Austin and avoid the interstate. I’m hoping that Fuego opens an Austin location soon, because I know I’d go there on a regular basis.

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