Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S GPS Dash Cam

Overall, my Garmin Nuvi 40 has served me well. I bought it on my second trip to Thunder Bay and it has worked flawlessly ever since for the last almost 4 years. What caught my eye is another Garmin product, the Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S. I saw this at Costco and noticed it had a built in dash cam. I have done dash cam videos in the past with my Garmin VIRB, but it was always a pain to record stuff and it would overheat on the dash during extended road trips. I decided to give this a try.

So far I’ve been impressed. There is a lot more information with this Garmin and I have a feeling it’s going to make my travels a lot easier. The fact that I can see if gas stations are at an exit without having to rely on the blue signs helps out a lot. Also, having built in TripAdvisor data and being able to sync with my phone to get traffic updates is a definitely plus.

I have only really used this GPS when I did my Waco trip, so I haven’t used all the features yet. I was impressed with the TimeLapse feature that automatically put together a time lapse video of my drive. It also automatically starts recording and is very seamless with the GPS function.

The camera takes very good video and cuts it into 1 minute segments.

I know this GPS is going to make my life so much easier, whether it be taking drive videos and time lapses, or just the fact that it has a lot more information that I no longer need gather manually. As I’ve said, I’ve only used it a little bit, so I’ll hopefully report back with more good news (and also many more time lapse videos of my drives).

It also helped me get the footage of getting a drunk driver pulled over.

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