Going South to Madison to Avoid the Weather

I needed to put a couple hundred more miles on my car to line it up correctly for my next oil change and it was supposed to be rainy and crappy in Marshfield, so Jake and I decided to be like the snowbirds that hit places like Nuevo Progreso, and head south. Obviously, our southern trip took us 140 miles south to Madison, but then again, weather easily changes in a single state.

Jake was in Wausau the night before and I was in Marshfield, so Steven’s Point, was a point we could both meet at and then take one car to Madison. This would be a short trip time-wise, since he had to be back early afternoon to coach Cross Country.

When I was leaving Marshfield, it was kind of sunny towards Stevens Point.

In the mirror, the clouds were just black.

We both hit the Kmart parking lot at exactly the same time and parked next to each other.

We quick grabbed breakfast at DeBot (Colon Blow), before heading out. The first stop I made was the Herzing Campus.

We then headed north to the massive grocery store Woodman’s. The clouds to the north looked like rain.

After Woodman’s, we headed to the Wisconsin State Capitol, to do a quick tour. From there we headed to Strictly Discs. After Strictly Discs, we were getting hungry so we decided to go to Milio’s to grab a sub.

This Milio’s was actually across the road from my old apartment.

I got a turkey sub.

Since we were crunched for time, I opened it up to eat while I drove.

On the way back, I could tell we were going to drive into the storm in a bit.

It started to get darker.

Eventually it started to rain.

It was interesting seeing a trailer hauling a trailer.

When I got back to Stevens Point, I ended up zoning out and hitting Highway 10. Jake also zoned out and we remembered we had to pick his car up at Kmart. We ended up turning around.

We headed back to Marshfield and it rained on and off. By the time I hit my parent’s house it was halfway clear. It reminded me of the time I drove cross country through a bunch of crappy weather and then I got back it was also clear.

Madison was fun. I know I need to get back there more often as it is a great city to visit.

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