Grackles Everywhere in Austin

If you ask any Austinite what is the most infamous bird there, they’d say the grackle. At certain times it seems like they are a bit of a plague, especially in Walmart parking lots. I’m not sure what it is, but grackles seem to love Walmart! While it seems like they will congregate and saturate almost every available place to perch, their dead giveaway is they are LOUD.

I think it depends on the season and weather, but I seemed to find a whole bunch of them while visiting a Walmart. I didn’t get a chance to get a video of how loud they were. They weren’t too loud this time and honestly you wouldn’t want to hear them anyway because it’s really annoying. All I can say is these birds are a staple of Austin and will live in their loud infamy as long as there’s Walmart parking lots to congregate in.

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