The Great Dane, Downtown Madison, WI

In my opinion, the Great Dane in Downtown Madison is a staple of the downtown area. Not only is it a brewpub with good beer and food, but they have a ton of pool tables. I have spent countless hours here either drinking, shooting pool, or grabbing a bite to eat. It’s one of my main stops when I meet up with friends in Madison.

A nice thing about the Great Dane is there is a parking garage right next to it. You just park your car there and it’s a very short walk to this awesome place. It also has a nice historic feel to it.

Being that I was in Wisconsin, I had to get the German plate for lunch.

The food was definitely good. Due to me driving, I decided to get a root beer instead of a beer. The difference in drinks didn’t matter as the root beer was excellent. I know there are a few other Great Danes, including one closer to home in Wausau, but this is definitely one of my favorite stops when I’m in Downtown Madison.

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