Green Mesquite, Austin, TX

While Texas Monthly has their BBQ passport, it mainly focuses on strictly BBQ joints. Now I love good BBQ, but I do love restaurants that also have other food. It shows they are more rounded and have something for everyone. Green Mesquite is one of these more rounded restaurants that offers BBQ and a bunch of other things in a more down home diner environment.

One cool thing that I have never seen before is the menu was built in the table. I did like the fact that I could quickly glance at it and figure out what I wanted.

Also on the table was the essential condiments needed for a good Southern down home meal.

The wifi was also pretty impressive!

While it’s nice Green Mesquite had other food on the menu, I went straight for the BBQ. Their 3 meat plate was the special so I got brisket, turkey, and sausage with a side of mac and cheese and potato salad.

While the BBQ wasn’t at the level of Terry Black’s (my current personal BBQ measuring stick), it was good. I wolfed down my whole plate and didn’t want any to go to waste.  Unlike Terry Black’s, even with this being a sit down restaurant, the wait seemed a lot shorter. I did also like the atmosphere. You could tell this place had been around a while and has been a staple of South Austin. I see they have live music, so I’ll have to check it out then and maybe order a little more BBQ.

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