Green Tea Restaurant, Stevens Point, WI

I’m always up for trying something new when it comes to food. I was going to meet Jake in Stevens Point to grab something to eat. He had first suggested Polito’s, but I had obviously been there before. He then mentioned an Asian restaurant downtown called Green Tea.

I parked downtown and met him as he was walking. We walked a little further to the restaurant.

We were the only ones in the place. It was eerily empty. I know I have watched videos on North Korea and how many restaurants are empty and I guess got to feel what that is like firsthand.

I ordered Lo Mein combo. It was pretty good and hit the spot.

The fortune cookie was very ironic. “You will step on many soils of many countries.” Right now I’ve been to Canada and Mexico, but I do want to travel to more countries. I have a feeling this fortune cookie might be a little accurate for a change.

On the way walking back to the car, I noticed the “creative crosswalk.”

Before crossing, I noticed there must be a lot of parking violations around that crosswalk considering there’s an easy place for people to deposit their parking fines.

Overall, the food was good. It was interesting being the only people in the restaurant, but I’ve experienced being the only person before at the Alamo, so it wasn’t the first time in my adventures.

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