Green’s Sausage House, Zabcikville, TX

I love it when readers reach out to me and make suggestions on new places to visit. I take suggestions seriously and maintain a list of places to visit. If I’m impulsively driving around and one of the things on my list is what I’m craving at that moment, I’ll stop.

This was the case with Green’s Sausage House. Avery reached out to me and suggested I check the place out. I saw it wasn’t too far from TX-95, a highway I drive all the time when I go for random cruises in the country. Green’s is actually on TX-53, which is also a nice country drive. Victoria and I decided to get away from Austin and take this drive.

While the address of Green’s in Temple, the real town it is in is Zabcikville. Zabcikville is an unincorporated town of around 40 people. Green’s is the only remaining business there. It appears to be right across the road from the town hall.

Being the only business in Zabcikville, you could tell it was a community hub. When I first pulled up, the parking spaces in the front of the building were full. I had to park alongside the building and then walk to the front.

When I first envisioned this place, I thought it was going to be a small little store like Bogala’s. I was wrong and found there was not only a decent-sized store, but a decent-sized cafe. I was hungry, so we walked over to the cafe entrance first.

When I walked inside, the place was packed! I know that is always a good sign. I also read that Green’s has been around since 1946 and is now a third generation company. It’s clear this place is a staple of the little community of Zabcikville!

There were a bunch of tables to sit at, but also a bar. This reminded me of the many country bars I visited in Rural Wisconsin. It was a place to have a few drinks and also a good meal. They even had a bar menu posted up on the wall (as well as other actual menus).

Victoria and I decided to cozy up to the bar and eat there.

While a place like this would be a great place to have a drink, I was driving so I had a Dr. Pepper instead. I was told they used to sell Diet Pepsi, but nobody ever bought it, so they stopped selling it. You can tell you’re in Rural Texas when the soda of choice is Dr. Pepper or Diet Dr. Pepper!

I ordered the sausage burger and some tater tots. It came wrapped up like they do at Chip’s. I knew it was going to be good!

Victoria got a grilled cheese and some fries.

I unwrapped my sausage burger and took a look. My initial thoughts were correct; the burger was really good!

As I do with most places, I did a quick check of the wifi. I did not see anything public here.

After eating I made my way over to the store. From an initial glance, I see I hit the jackpot in my search for local products!

Besides having a wide selection of meat and local products, this place was like your quintessential country store. They had a little bit of everything you’d need. The only things missing was a lone gas pump and bait shop.

They even had a selection of cheese. Being a Native Cheesehead, I hold a soft spot for cheese!

When I was in the store, a funny thing happened. Green’s sells a line of Sh*t products. These first got my attention when I heard a group of kids snickering at seeing the packages. I’m not sure what was more amusing. Seeing a product called “Chicken Sh*t” or “Get Your Sh*t Together” or the fact kids were snickering at it.

As I mentioned earlier, Green’s has a storied history that spans 3 generations. You can tell they are proud of it.

I would say it is something to be proud of because the parking lot was just as packed when we left as it was when we arrived.

In the store, we bought a bunch of things to try. During our drive back, I opened up the jalapeno beef sticks. Growing up in Wisconsin, beef sticks were something I ate a ton of and were widely available. I just had to try these! The smoke flavor was good, and there was a small amount of heat to them. This was definitely good for driving since I didn’t need to chug a bunch of water to calm down the heat.

Victoria opened a bag of Dirty Salt Popcorn. This was one of the more unique popcorn flavors I have tried. It was also very good!

We drove away, and I did a lap around the building. I saw they also did deer processing. This would be a great place to get your venison processed!

After leaving, we headed back to Austin and took the back way I enjoy driving. It was a bit windy, but a nice day!

We made it home and over the next few days started trying the other products we bought.

The first thing I tried was the summer sausage.

Summer sausage is something I’m very particular about. Coming from a hunting family, I grew up eating tons of it. The way summer sausage is done in Wisconsin is very different than in Texas. Wisconsin summer sausage is heavily influenced by the German immigrants who settled there. There is a little secondary Polish influence, but beyond that, it has a very distinct taste. I’ve grown very accustomed to this taste.

In Texas, I’ve found most summer sausage is horrible. It tastes like lard and really doesn’t have much of a flavor. When grocery shopping here in Texas, I end up having to check the labels on where the summer sausage is made. In many cases, I end up having to not go local with this and make sure to buy something made in Wisconsin.

After trying Green’s summer sausage, I can say this is the closest I have found so far that meets my tastes. You can tell it is much leaner and doesn’t have the lard taste to it. The texture is also less greasy, and there’s a nice smoky taste to it. Being the huge proponent of local products I am, this has become my go-to summer sausage in Texas. I think I’ll next time I want summer sausage, I’ll skip HEB and road trip to Green’s for it.

The next product we tried was the Hot Green Salsa.

The Hot Green Salsa is slimy in texture. Personally, I’m not a fan of this kind of texture. It seems there are salsas with this texture and I tend to avoid that. With that being said, there is a lot of good flavor in this salsa. There is a reasonable amount of heat and a lot of flavor depth. Besides the texture, I do like the flavor of this salsa. Victoria absolutely loves this salsa and can’t get enough of it! She likes it so much she has to restrain herself to make sure she doesn’t overeat.

After the Hot Green Salsa, we tried the Serrano Salsa.

I liked this salsa much better than the Hot Green Salsa. The texture was chunky and just right for me. It also packs way more of a punch, yet retains a good depth to its flavor.

We then tried the Farmhouse Ale Garlic Serrano.

This hot sauce has a bit of a vinegary taste to it. The flavor is more subtle and less intense than a lot of hot sauces. You definitely have to use a lot more of it to make it stand out. While the flavor is more subtle, it does have good flavor to it. If you put it on a tortilla chip, you can really taste the ale in it, and it leaves you with a nice spicy aftertaste. I do like it, and it’s something that seems to go well with many different things.

For Green’s Sausage House, I am really happy Avery reached out to me and put this on my radar. After visiting, I felt like I hit the jackpot in terms of finding a good place to eat that also sells local products. I easily see myself coming back and trying more of their products. It’s clear they do a good job and I can see why they have been a staple of the small community of Zabcikville for so long!

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