Half Price Books, Austin, TX

If you’ve ever been to a Barnes and Noble, you understand how expensive the cost of books can be. Half Price Books is a chain that sells both new used books, as well as other items such as music and video games. In addition, it’s a great place to sell your old books, music, and video games to make a little extra cash.

I brought some books in to be sold, so I dropped them off at the counter and then walked around. My first stop was by the computer books.

Like I said, they sell a lot of used books here. When it comes to computer books, the new ones can be a bit dated since technology changes so fast. The used ones are often a decade or more behind the times as you can see with the book on Word 2003. I guess this might be useful if you’re a computer historian.

Beyond that, I just walked around and saw what the store had to offer besides outdated computer books. Pretty much all of the other stuff was still relevant. With the resurgence in nostalgia with old video games and vinyl records, this is the perfect store to be at. Being a CD guy, I also saw a wide selection before I sat down again. I waited at one of their chairs and waited to be called up with my buy offer for the books I brought.

To buy cheaper used books, music, and video games, this is the place to go. It is obviously not an independent music shop like Strictly Discs or Piranha Records, but there is a very wide selection of things you can buy. It’s also a place you can offload the stuff you have that is just collecting dust. I’d say it’s a nice place to check out and I’m sure I’ll be back there looking for some more cheap music.

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