Hampton Inn, Port Charlotte FL

Overall, the hotel itself wasn’t bad and was on par for what you would expect at a mid-range hotel. The one thing that made this place suck was the service. Let me first explain the story before I actually show the different elements of the hotel.

Crappy Service:

For a hotel, I really just expect an efficient check in and check out process and also my reservation to be accurate. This happens at 99% of hotels out there. If hotels go above and beyond like the Prince Arthur in Thunder Bay, Ontario or the Beachfront Inn in Fort Pierce, FL, I definitely make a note and share it on the blog.

In this case, the circumstances were a bit different than how I normally travel, due to Victoria’s mom traveling with us. Victoria’s mom is handicapped and has some mobility issues that would require the use of a handicapped room. Because of this, Victoria made sure she did her due diligence to have a handicapped room booked for her mom.

It looks like the root cause of the issue is most likely with Hampton’s online booking system and/or the Hilton Honors Online Check-In system and not the individual hotel. The way the front desk handled this and the manager’s response to Victoria was poor customer service (more on this later) and is where this individual hotel screwed up.

Victoria made the reservations with Hampton’s online booking system and make sure to specify one of the rooms was a handicapped room. The handicapped room was supposed to be right next to the (non-handicapped) room Victoria and I were sharing. This was so Victoria could rapidly get to her mom’s room if she needed assistance. According to the booking system, everything was set to make it work in the aforementioned way.

Since I stay mainly at La Quinta’s, I am a La Quinta Elite member and am not a member of Hilton Honors. Victoria, however, is a Hilton Honors Member. I have never used their online check-in system, but according to her, you can check-in early online. She did this the day before she left. Ultimately, this system reset the reservation and checked her into 2 non-handicapped rooms instead of 1 non-handicapped and 1 handicapped room.

Since I was in Fort Pierce and Victoria was still flying in, I got to the hotel much earlier than here. My plan was to check in and take a nap. When I got to the front desk, my name supposedly was not on the reservation, even though I know Victoria said it was. We were able to correct this issue rapidly.

Next, they asked me if I wanted keys to both rooms. I told the lady at the front desk I only needed keys to the non-handicapped room. She told me that both rooms were non-handicapped. I explained to her the situation and said one of the rooms has to be handicapped for Victoria’s mom. She told me she would fix the issue. She gave me the keys to my room and I went to the room to take a nap.

Victoria was flying in a bit late and finally got to the hotel later that night. When she went to check in, the issue was not corrected. The room her mom was going to be given was still non-handicapped. Come to find out, they gave the handicapped room on the first floor by us to someone else and then put Victoria’s mom on the second floor. As I said, this wasn’t the original plan, but at least her mom would have a handicapped room.

Victoria was going to blow this off, but then received an email survey. She answered it honestly and submitted it. A short while later, the manager sent back a rude email to her stating it was her fault when she checked in online. Her checking in online supposedly overrode the handicapped reservation. I’m not saying the manager wasn’t right in the fact the online system didn’t reset something, but there was something that went wrong in the system itself when it overrode the reservation. The manager didn’t want to seem to get to the bottom of things and just wanted to blame Victoria.

While the online booking system and/or the Hilton Honors system is what initially cause the issue, the hotel was at fault when I told them about the issue at the front desk. They specifically told me they were going to fix the issue, but never did. They could have easily resolved this in the 6+ hours between when I arrived and Victoria arrived.

I’m guessing the main issue probably didn’t stem from this individual hotel, but there is a glitch in the online booking system. The main issue with this hotel was them not correcting the mistake as they said they would. Also, the rude email sent to Victoria after she answered the survey honestly wasn’t exactly the most professional.

The Lobby:

The Outside and Pool Area:

The Hallways:

The Room:

One issue with the room was it remained really humid. If we cranked the AC, it would take care of this for the most part, but that was still a bit of an issue. On the positive side, the towel animal was kind of cool.

The View:

The view of the river was nice.

Internet Connection:

The internet connection was slow, but workable. This was the free complimentary internet and not the upgraded.

Fitness Room:


This is one thing the hotel did well. The breakfast was good and it was cool they wrote positive messages on the bananas.

Cleaning Service:

Another weird thing is room service came by at like 10am and only asked if I wanted towels. It was kind of weird they came that early and a bit awkward. Also, the floors\carpeting were kind of dirty and I know my feet were a bit black from walking around barefoot.


Obviously, the circumstances for this visit were much different, because Victoria was traveling with her mother, who has limited mobility. I’m sure if just Victoria and I were just traveling, there wouldn’t have been any of the issues I outline above (other than the dirty floors and awkward cleaning service).

The hotel staff was accommodating after the wedding. They allowed us to sit longer by the pool (we weren’t swimming just sitting at a table there) than the posted hours. I’m kind of a stickler when it comes to decent service. The manager response to the survey was kind of rude and that leaves a bit of a black mark in my book. I’m not sure if I’d stay here again, but for the most part, this is a standard mid-range hotel so at least that part wasn’t bad.

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