Hard Labor in Arlington

One of the things I do for my job is run cables. Well on Monday, we found out that we’d have to run cables on Wednesday because they were doing some demolition and the eventual remodeling of the Arlington office.

It was very short notice so we decided to get there right away. I’m also booked with a lot of travel so this was one of the only free slots in the near future. My coworker Tommie came with me and we both ran cables like we did in Laredo. One of the network closets was part of the demolition so we had to splice cables together and run it to the other closet. It’s a long story on why there are 2 network closets in the first place, but they’re literally 25 feet apart from each other. The point was to make things work so, when the remodeling is done, things will be done correctly by a contractor (or us).

We only had to splice a few cables for the Compliance offices and a few enforcement connections, because the rest of the places were going to be demolished soon. Our first challenge was dealing with this mess.

The cables only went so far, so we put female ends on them.

Eventually, a monster like this was formed, but somehow worked.

We worked late and eventually called it a night. We stopped at Subway and brought it back to the hotel.

Since I have achieved elite status with La Quinta, I got a few goodies to go with my sub.

The next day I had some eggs, sausage, and biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

We ended up getting to the office much earlier than everyone else.

This time, I had to run some cables for wireless access points.

This involved getting up in the ceiling.

Now one annoying thing is people started asking me computer-related questions as I was on the ladder pulling cables. I’m more focused on getting the cable run and not slipping and falling and breaking my leg again. I’ve been tempted to start another blog or YouTube channel on this kind of stuff because I have a whole list. It’s weird (and annoying) how people will interrupt you and not even wait until you’re actually down off the ladder to ask you an unrelated (to the work I’m doing at the moment) computer question and then have the expectation that you somehow, without a computer or anything to support them, be able to provide instant answers while you’re standing with half your head in the ceiling.

Most of the stuff I was working with was also very dusty and nasty…

…and I literally looked like this after doing my job. I’m not sure if I would want to go and touch someone’s computer as dirty as I was.

Tommie and I did work another late night that night, but got together a working temporary solution that will carry the Arlington office through their remodeling. We celebrated with a little Wing Stop. Parmesan on wings was definitely interesting.

After 2 days of running cables, I was tired. I think I conked out at around 7:30-8PM. I did get a good night’s sleep and had a decent breakfast in the morning. I put together a bagel and egg sandwich with the stuff La Quinta provided.

I know they were talking about eventually getting a contractor to run the cables correctly as part of the remodeling, so I’m sure our temporary cobble job will be replaced with something that follows a more best-practices standard. I’ve already made my reservations known about our cobble job, but we had to do it like this in the little time that we had.  If for some reason they can’t get a contractor in, I’ll probably be making another trip here to get a little exercise and do some hard labor.

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