Henson’s Country Foods, Minong WI

Henson’s Country Foods is the official Jack Link’s Jerky Outlet in the small town of Minong, WI. From what I can see, it also serves as a community hub and general store. It has a huge liquor department. It looks like they pretty much have everything,

On their website, they say they do things the old-fashioned way. I can definitely see that. The building looks like the last facelift it got was in the 1970’s. It’s pretty much a perfectly preserved relic of the past. If you took a black and white picture of the place, you might think it was taken back then.

With that being said, it was kind of neat to check out this grocery store. The Jack Link’s factor is the first reason. They sold it in 10-pound bulk bags. They also had smaller sizes, and they were dirt cheap compared to any other place. Their selection of alcohol was pretty amazing for being such a small town (then again it is Wisconsin).

When I walked through the store, it seemed like a blast from the past. Everything was so well-kept up that you really could think you were back in a different time. Even the bathrooms were impeccably clean. I would say they do a great job preserving the store. Even if you’re not into Jack Link’s, this is a great place to visit just for the historical value. I ended up buying some Jack Link’s Jerky and also some pretzels made in North Dakota.

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