Hilton Palacio del Rio, San Antonio, TX

Now I’m not the type of guy to normally stay at a Hilton grade hotel, but when it’s a part of Victoria’s Christmas party and paid for by her company, I can make an exception. Every other year her company has their Christmas party at the Hilton Palacio del Rio on The Riverwalk. They do a really good job overall with the party and I can see why her company continues to go here. This is the second time I stayed here and the last time I stayed here was for Victoria’s company Christmas party in 2015.

The Outside:

This hotel is right in the heart of San Antonio on The Riverwalk and extends high into the air.

With being downtown, parking space is limited and is actually in a parking garage down the street. When you first pull up to the hotel, you can tell there’s only a limited space to drop off and get out of the way.

That’s exactly what we did. We put the stuff in the room and headed back down. It was an interesting adventure navigating the car through the little space and then making it to the parking garage and then up through the narrow lanes of the parking garage. We could actually see the tops of signs and buildings as we went up.

The front of the hotel is fancy.

The Lobby:

The lobby is fancy and seems to extend forever before you get to the elevators.

The Hallways:

Talking about the elevator, this is one of the weirdest elevators I have ever experienced. It definitely has a learning curve to it. You have to put the floor you want on the touchpad outside the elevator and then it tells you which car to get into. There’s no buttons inside the elevator to select the floors. I guess once you get over the learning curve, it is pretty efficient and the elevators move pretty fast.

The hallways by the rooms seem dimly lit, but it’s an upscale hotel so I guess that pulls a bit of the sketchiness away from that.

The Fitness Room:

For some reason, our key didn’t work in the fitness room. I got some pictures from the outside of it.

The Pool:

The pool was closed for the season.

The Room:

The room itself was very nice.

The bathroom had a sliding door to it and the inside was a bit fancier with a bowl sink and actual glass glasses.

The light by the bed was kind of fancy.

I did like the cool power strip that allowed you to plug in a bunch of stuff on the desk.

The View.

The view was great! We were on the 11th floor and had a balcony. It could be a bit nerve racking looking down, but there was a nice view. When we weren’t outside enjoying the view, there were birds that were.

Internet Speeds:

One thing I hate about higher end hotels is they charge additionally for internet access. This was something I wasn’t willing to pay for.


I normally get breakfast at the hotel, but since this was another thing you had to pay extra for (if they even had it; I didn’t check), I opted to get something along the way home.

Other Notes on the Hotel:

One thing I noticed is it got really dark with the curtains drawn. I know in other hotels, this can be a problem so this was a definitely plus in terms of drowning out light and getting some sleep. Additionally, the other side as seen from the window by the elevators had a great view of the city!

I did want to go on the terrace, but it was under construction.

Beyond that, the meal they provided at the Christmas party was really good. I’d say if you’re looking for an upscale place to stay, this is a great place. You’re obviously not going to get the things you’d get a a mid-range hotel like free wifi or breakfast, but everything else was really good at this hotel. The location is also perfect being right on The Riverwalk.

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