Hmong Eggrolls, Wausau, WI

When most people think of Asian food, they think of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. That’s at least what it seems most Asian restaurants serve for food. Wausau, WI is home to a large Hmong population. The Hmong people come from Southern China, Vietnam, and Laos. With that comes Hmong restaurants such as Hmong Eggroll.

In many ways, it’s an absolute treat to be able to try a different type of Asian food. The sauces on the table told me I was in for something good!

The menu had a lot of tempting things to try!

I first started off with some egg rolls. They were great!

I got the Hmong stir fry. The vegetables were fresh and the juices from the pork permeated throughout the vegetables. The flavor was amazing!

I had also ordered some spring rolls thinking they were the small ones I was used to. These were the biggest spring rolls I’d have ever seen! They also tasted fresh.

The spring rolls were so good, I didn’t want them to go to waste. I got a to go box.

I see you could also get egg rolls to go. It appears they are in high demand! I can see why because the food here is amazing. I definitely need to get back to try a few more things!

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