Hodder Greeks, Thunder Bay, ON

There are some places you go where you have to throw all cares about your diet out the window. It’s where that amazing delicious and greasy food is served. It’s horrible for your diet, but great on your taste buds. Every diet has “cheat days” built in and Hodder Greeks is where you go for those cheat days.

Now Hodder Greeks specializes in hot dogs and burgers. Throw some Coney sauce on it and it makes a good meal. There’s a few other things like fries, soda, and a little candy. Beyond that, this place appears to keep to simple. It’s a small and cozy little store that is ready to serve up grilled and fried goodness!

I got a Coney dog with a small fry. If you look at the picture below, you’d never guess it was a small fry. Diet be damned, you definitely get your money’s worth!

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