Holiday Inn Express Central, El Paso, TX

Normally, I stay at La Quintas when I’m on the road for work. One major exception to this is when I’m in El Paso. The Holiday Inn Express is literally across the road from the office so I can see the office building from my hotel window. If I only work in the office (not go to the port of entries), my commute is merely walking across the street and the company vehicle just sits in the parking lot.

The Outside:

This is a bit of a high rise hotel and the entrance definitely has some Spanish architecture influence to it.

The Lobby:

The lobby is big and open.

The Hallways:

The Fitness Room:

The fitness room has a few machines and some weights.

The Pool:

The Room:

The room has a bit of a separate area when you first walk in with a little counter and also the fridge and microwave. This is a huge benefit of staying here, especially since I’m often in El Paso for a week at a time. I can buy food from the grocery store and more easily prepare it on the counter.

The View:

Like I mentioned earlier, I can see the office from my room. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

Internet Speeds:

This is where this hotel really needs to improve. The internet is effectively unusable most of the time. My commute to work might be quick, but internet is not. I really didn’t need the internet during the week, but it was kind of disappointing trying to use the internet and I had to resort to tethering my phone when I did work on my blog. I would occasionally get a burst of speed, but for the most part, I would have been better off on dial up.


There is a decent selection for breakfast.

Other Notes on the Hotel:

This hotel is home to the fastest elevator I have ever seen!

Because the drive to El Paso is 9 hours from Austin, it only makes sense for me to spend an entire week out there and make sure that all issues are taken care of and try to prevent any additional future trips. This means I’ve literally stayed at this specific hotel for weeks and maybe months of total accumulated time when you account for all my trips to El Paso.

I do like the location of this hotel, as it does allow me to walk to work and also walk downtown. Heck, I’ve even walked to Mexico from this hotel. While the internet definitely does suck here, everything else about this hotel is pretty good overall and this is an exception to the rule when it comes to mainly staying at La Quintas during work trips.

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