Holiday Inn Express & Suites Del Rio, Del Rio, TX

This hotel was pretty good in all aspects, but one thing that literally knocked it from a 5 star rating down to a 2 for me is having to take a cold shower in the morning. I waited for the longest time thinking I’d finally get some hot water, but the best I got was lukewarm. While this place is better than the last place I stayed at in Del Rio, I’d be a bit iffy about it due to the fact that a warm shower is one of the super basic necessities that should be a given at any hotel.

The Outside:

The Lobby:

The lobby itself seemed clean, welcoming, and even had a little upscale feel to it.

The Hallways:

The Fitness Room:

The Pool:

The Room:

The room did seem a bit cozier compared to other hotels I’ve stayed at, but it was sufficient overall.

The View:

Internet Speeds:

One thing I will rate this hotel very highly on is internet speeds. This is one of the fastest hotels I’ve stayed at. The internet connection stayed consistent the whole time I was there and I didn’t notice any major slow downs. To get things done online, this is the hotel you would want to stay at.


I’ve found Holiday Inn Express’s breakfasts typically are the same no matter where you go and aren’t as tuned to the region they are in (unlike La Quintas). Regardless, the breakfast here was pretty good overall.

Besides the cold shower I had to take in the morning, every other aspect of this hotel was good. The internet was exceptional and I’d definitely give the place another chance. It’s just hard to rate it highly and say I’m fully satisfied if it can’t meet some as basic as hot water. I’m sure if I ever stay here again, this will be provided, but I’ll still be skeptical because I’ve never had this issue before. Then again, my opinion can also change very fast.

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