Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lake Worth NW Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX

For a wedding, Victoria and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Fort Worth.

The Outside:

The Lobby:

I was told this hotel was going to have a makeover in a little bit, but the lobby itself was pretty nice overall even without the makeover.

The Hallways:

The Fitness Room:

The fitness room had a decent amount of stuff.

The Pool:

The pool was closed for the season, but I was able to get some pictures.

The Room:

The room was pretty standard overall.

The View:

The Internet Speeds:

The internet speeds were pretty good overall.


Breakfast was your standard Holiday Inn Express breakfast that I’ve found at pretty much every Holiday Inn Express I’ve stayed at. The veggie omelettes were good and I’m really happy they had chocolate milk.

Other Notes on the Hotel:

The toilet actually had something to indicate it was cleaned. So that was a plus since I’ve been at hotels that the cleanliness is questionable (this place was in fact clean).

It was cool seeing there were different firmnesses for the pillows. I know Victoria was happy to have a soft pillow.

I guess I can see why they were doing a remodel. There were certain things about the hotel that did feel out of the 80’s. Overall, it was kept up well so I didn’t really have any complaints.

The only somewhat complaint I did have is the shower had to be cranked to get warm water. It wasn’t as bad as the other Holiday Inn Express I stayed at in Del Rio where I had to take a cold shower, but this is obviously a pattern I’ve found staying at Holiday Inn Expresses. While the water was warm enough to be somewhat comfortable, it could have been warmer.

Besides the issue with the shower, the hotel was nice. They delivered everything you’d expect from a mid-range hotel and our stay was pleasant.

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