Holiday Inn, Marshfield, WI

By all measures, the Holiday Inn in Marshfield, Wisconsin is the luxury hotel to stay at. The Holiday Inn chain is known to be a bit more upscale compared to say the Holiday Inn Express or La Quinta. We specifically booked the Holiday Inn for our vow renewal and second wedding reception because we knew it would be a nicer hotel due to the brand and it was within walking distance of a few bars if we wanted to have an afterparty (we actually were exhausted so we didn’t).

With that being said, the Holiday Inn is much more expensive than other hotels in town. Besides the night before and night of our event, we stayed the Hotel Marshfield. Hotel Marshfield was a decent amount cheaper so that saved us some money on the trip. It also allowed me to do a good comparison of the two luxury hotels in Marshfield.

I can say the outside of the hotel is nice, especially compared to the dump of a hotel that used to be there that they knocked down to build the Holiday Inn.

It was attached to The Rivers, which is an awesome place to eat and have a drink.

The lobby is also nice.

So are the hallways.

The fitness room had all the basics.

One thing the Holiday Inn has over Hotel Marshfield is the pool. Holiday Inn has an indoor pool. This is definitely good for Wisconsin winters and being able to swim year-round.

They also have a game room, which is pretty awesome. It was humid as heck in the game room, which made it a bit uncomfortable, but I do love that they have Cruis’n USA.

The room itself felt like a typical Holiday Inn room. The branding was definitely consistent.

The view is that of Downtown Marshfield.

Internet speeds were decent.

We decided to skip breakfast since it was going to be $10+ for each of us from The Rivers. We decided to go to Melody Gardens, which was half the price, instead. Hotel Marshfield had free breakfast, so it’s a better value there. Then again, I’ve stayed at Holiday Inn’s before and their pricing is in line with other Holiday Inn’s. It’s just not in line with the local competition.

The room service prices weren’t too bad, especially considering it was coming from The Rivers.

One thing I did find cool about Holiday Inn was they named their conference room after local famous people.

A not so cool thing about Holiday Inn (especially compared to Hotel Marshfield) was the “greenwashing” they did (Greenwashing is advertising as green but, in reality, it’s empty advertising and is not really practiced). We first found this placard hidden in the closet. Effectively, they were going to short change us in not changing our linens unless we hung this card up. The card was hidden so it’s clear they were just doing it to save on labor and washing costs and not truly to be green.

If they were truly green, they’d have recycle bins. I did not see any in the room. I eventually need to write a blog entry on this as most hotels will partake in this greenwashing. Holiday Inn in Marshfield is doing what is on par as a nationwide trend of greenwashing at hotels, but just like the breakfast, when you compare it to the other luxury hotel in Marshfield, they fall short.

In many ways, this is definitely a mixed review of this hotel. I was really only able to make this comparison because I stayed at Hotel Marshfield. When comparing luxury hotels in Marshfield, Holiday Inn falls short in terms of price, value, and being green. When comparing it to how most hotels do things, it’s a nice hotel overall and is on par with other entry-level luxury hotels.

Our stay was pleasant and I would definitely stay at Holiday Inn again if I needed to. It is closer walking distance to a lot more stuff than Hotel Marshfield. With that being said, when it comes to luxury hotels in Marshfield, I’d rank it behind Hotel Marshfield.

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