Holy Corrosion! Fixing a Burnt Out License Plate Light on the Focus

When you drive as much as I do, especially at night, you’re bound to burn out a few lights. After my trip to Wisconsin, I noticed that my license plate light was burnt out. I went to AutoZone and got the bulbs. Since the pack of bulbs came with 2 bulbs, I’d figure I’d replace both bulbs, instead of the one that just burnt out. I figured the other one was probably fixing to burn out in the near future anyway.

The first bulb that was burnt out, replaced fine and was working right away. I was not so lucky with the second bulb. It seemed like corrosion had gotten the best of the terminals on the assembly.

The corrosion was so bad, one of the terminals in the assembly crumbled as I tried to clean it.

I went back to AutoZone and found out this was an OEM part I’d have to get from the dealer. I made it to the dealership, and $40 later, got my part.

This appeared to fix my issues.

One thing I found was taking the license plate off made the process much easier. Then it was a matter of just taking a flathead screwdriver and popping off the cover. To replace the assembly was just popping off the two wires, cleaning them a bit, and then connecting them to the new assembly. I was happy I was able to get it fixed pretty easily. I just wonder how many more parts are this corroded.

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