Honest Mary’s, Austin, TX

Victoria has been trying to get me to go to Honest Mary’s for a while. We have been trying to eat healthier and Honest Mary’s has become a regular stop for her at lunch. I’m not the biggest fan of grain bowls and that kind of stuff, so I was skeptical.

We had planned to go to Costco and do a normal Friday night Costco date. The problem was it was Friday during Lent. I’m not supposed to eat meat and Costco’s menu is pretty much all meat-based. Lo and behold, Victoria suggested Honest Mary’s. I gave in and we headed there.

The menu is stretched above the counter. There does appear to be a good selection!

There were a few people ahead of us so I looked around a bit. To my right I saw a bunch of tables with bar stools that had a modern feeling.

To my left was a list of local suppliers. I love it when companies are rooted in their local community!

When we got to the counter, I noticed a cashless policy. This is the first place I’ve seen this implemented. I have seen a lot of cash only places, but they did have some valid reasons for being cashless.

The ingredients looked insanely fresh! As I was looking over what was in the food cases, I could see more ingredients being freshly chopped.

They had a wide selection of drinks. You could get something bottled, on tap, or from the fountain area.

They made our bowls and then we paid. It is a bit like Subway for grain bowls. We then got drinks and went to the table to sit. They had a nice pillow to lean against.

Now you might be wondering, what did I order? Being that I love fish and it was Friday, I got the Aloha Poke bowl. This had Ahi Tuna, rice, avocado and a few other things.

I took a bite and it was an instant explosion of freshness and flavor! Everything melded so well together! I can see why Victoria wanted me to try this place. The food was amazing!

Speaking of amazing, the wifi was also top notch!

I came to Honest Mary’s skeptical. What are these grain bowl things? When I left, I was blown away! My assumptions were wrong and the food is downright amazing! The healthy nature and sheer freshness of the ingredients made me feel good all over after eating. I left pleasantly full and can say this food is “honest to goodness.”

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