Hooters, Dallas, TX

After the Dallas Stars game my buddy Andy and I wanted to get a quick beer and wait for the demand for Lyft to go down. We figured everyone would be leaving and we’d be stuck waiting anyway (or at least pay higher prices). One of the closest bars within walking distance was Hooters, so we dropped in.

We went straight to the bar and ordered a drink.

Overall, the service was great. Andy being the cop he is noticed how good they were at carding people. I remember being carded once and then for my second drink not being carded again. They were able to stay on top of things well. The beer was also cold and good!

Andy and I had our two drinks and met some air traffic controllers from Abilene. It was cool talking to them. We ended up staying until close and were able to get a Lyft right away. Everything turned out great and this was a nice place to stop for a couple cold ones!

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