Hotel Fire Alarm Adventure

I’ve stayed at so many different hotels I’ve lost count. With that being said, I’ve never experienced the fire alarm going off. I’d hear stories about it and thought how miserable it would be, but I always got lucky.

On my bachelor run trip, I was privileged to partake in the fire alarm adventure. I was in Minneapolis at the Staybridge Suites.

Victoria’s brother Michael is staying at the Staybridge Suites. He is there for a few months for work. He let me crash on the couch to get a good night’s rest before I got back down to Austin.

We were both hanging out and talking when the fire alarm went off. When we got out of the room, we smelled smoke. I knew it was halfway legit. We had to go down 5 flights of stairs. Outside, a bunch of people were gathered.

It was kind of cold outside, so we sat inside Michael’s vehicle and watched everything unfold. It was better to sit in a running vehicle with the heat on. There was a guy in the window that figured it would be better to stay inside the possibly burning building. He looked down at the fire trucks like, “what are you doing here?”

The coast was clear and we were able to go inside. It appears some lady burned her supper and it caused a bunch of smoke. It was on the same floor we were on so I guess that’s why it was easy to smell smoke. When we walked past the firefighters, it appears they were wrapping things up.

It’s kind of crazy it’s taken this long for me to finally have to evacuate a hotel because of the fire alarm. It was a bit of an adventure, but something I don’t really want to repeat.

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