Hub City Ice Cream Company, Marshfield, WI

Hub City Ice Cream Company is a staple of Marshfield, especially on a hot day. It is ironically across the road from Dairy Queen, but gets way better business. Their ice cream is made in Wisconsin and has some very local flavors like Blue Moon. Growing up, Blue Moon was one of my favorite flavors. It’s tastes like Fruit Loops and I have only seen it in Wisconsin.

Before Hub City Ice Cream renovated the building they were in, it was an old red house. The thing was an eyesore and I can’t believe it wasn’t knocked down in all the years it sat there. They really did do a good job fixing the place up into their small ice cream shop.

Victoria and I visited on our trip to Wisconsin. Of course I had to get Blue Moon. It was just as good as I remembered! I know I’ll be back for more when I’m back in Marshfield again!

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