Hudson Meats, Austin, TX

South Congress or “SoCo” is now this gentrifying trendy area of Austin.

It wasn’t always this way. At one time it was a place you didn’t go after dark unless you were looking for something you weren’t supposed to. Many businesses have came and went either due to rising crime or rising rents. One business that has held strong since 1969 is Hudson Meats.

To survive this long, you have to be tough. I wouldn’t expect anything less of a place that still processes game meat smack dab in the middle of Austin. Inside the shop felt cozy and efficient. The meat counter took center stage. There were some spices and also a freezer, but you could tell Hudson Meats was dead focused on meat!

And meat did they have! Their offerings were pretty extensive!

You could even buy pieces of deer antlers!

I could see them toiling away in the back as I tried to decide what I wanted.

I came for jerky. The selection felt endless. I decided that I’d get a small piece of everything! I had them throw it all in a bag and took it home.

Now I’m not going to pretend I’m expert in tasting the different types of jerky and give you an extensive review of each flavor. I just had my buffet of everything from beef to turkey to ostrich right in front of me.

What I did find out of everything I tried was the cuts were thick and moist. This moistness contains tons of flavor that poured out in each bite. There was also a strong black pepper taste to them. I was able to differentiate the maple jerky since it was sweet. This sweetness was balanced well with the other flavors and I didn’t feel like my teeth were going to rot off like I would with some sweetly flavored meat.

Overall, I think Hudson Meats does very well. The sheer selection of different flavors of jerky is amazing! I know if I’m looking for variety, this is the place to go! I’ll have to fight off the traffic and hipsters of “SoCo” to get there, but it’ll be worth it.

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