Hurricane Grill and Wings, Fort Pierce, FL

One of Mat’s favorite places to get wings was Hurricane Grill and Wings. We were in luck. It was literally right next to our hotel. After checking out the pier and having a quick drink at the hotel bar, we walked over to Hurricane’s.

The place was definitely a bit cozy, but the nautical theme was really cool.

I ordered another Yuengling and looked at the menu.

We placed our order and everything arrived fairly quickly. I only got 10 wings, but Mat definitely loaded up on fried pickles and also wings.

After eating (and drinking a bit), I had to go to take a leak. The bathroom had a really cool bucket sink.

The wings were good and definitely hit the spot to get a full stomach for a night of drinking. It was definitely convenient being close to the hotel. I would definitely hit the place up again!

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