Husky Trumpet

My brother and I are opposites of each other. In many cases, you’d never think we were brothers. He’s the artsy, creative type and I’m the technical type. We both lived in Austin, but for different reasons. He pursued the music scene whereas I pursued the tech scene.

With that being said, I’m still in Austin, and he’s back in Marshfield. He has started a band with some of his friends called Husky Trumpet. They write their own music, and their sound is unique. It ranges from rock to blues to pretty much anything in between. It’s hard to classify them into a single genre or two.

My brother, Coltin Esser, plays the drums. I remember him specifically looking to either rent or buy a house instead of an apartment so he could play the drums. He can really get into it playing the drums, and they get loud!

Trevor Rhodes is on guitar and does vocals. Trevor is a one-of-a-kind sort of guy. Everyone in Marshfield knows Trevor. He’s one of my brother’s best friends. Just like it’s hard to define Husky Trumpet’s genre, it’s hard to define Trevor. His eccentric personality bleeds into his stage show and makes him a great front man.

Jose Ortiz plays bass and harmonica. I actually went to middle school with him. He originally hails from Nuevo Laredo and Laredo. He settled in Marshfield in his teens and has been here ever since. It’s crazy how small of a world it is! He has lived in several places I have visited while living in Texas and we also went to middle school together!

Last, but not least, is Tanner Hansen on lead guitar. This guy can rip! He is the only one in the band I did not know prior to me seeing them. Him and Trevor were introduced at a party, and they clicked. The rest is history!

Husky Trumpet has a special chemistry between them. You can tell they’re all having a great time together. When they improvise, they’re still in perfect sync with each other. The original material they write is really good. When they play together, they sound amazing!

Just by coincidence, I’d be up in Wisconsin when they were playing at the Chestnut Center for the Arts. I was able to drop by and see them setup up, do their sounds checks, and then warm up.

I got a preview of their set list.

Before you knew it, people started arriving.

Trevor’s dad Jim opened up for them.

The place became standing room only.

Soon, Husky Trumpet took the stage.

They played a bunch more songs. I put the phone down and enjoyed the rest of them instead of recording them. I took a few pictures in between.

I was glad to get up to Wisconsin and see Husky Trumpet. The only thing I saw prior was cell phone videos on YouTube. Ironically, the videos I took were also on my cell phone. In many ways, they don’t do justice to how good they are. If you’re ever in Marshfield and they’re playing, you should see them!

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