Hye Rum, Stonewall, TX

Tucked in the middle of Texas wine (and peach) country is a little rum distillery. Hye Rum goes against the wine grain and makes a craft rum. I guess wine can be good, but sometimes you need something a little harder. This distillery makes a perfect pitstop if you need a drink with a little more kick.

When I say it’s a small distillery, the place looks like it could be sold to a tiny house enthusiast. I’ve driven this stretch of US 290 often. I just always remember driving past a tall and skinny house and wondered if someone lived in the thing. Little did I know it was a rum distillery!

Between the house and shed is a small area to sit. There are scenic views of the surrounding Texas Hill Country.

When you go inside the house, it’s very cozy. It feels more like a living room than a store! I found out it used to be an old schoolhouse. I guess the schoolhouse turned drinking age and decided to become a distillery instead!

Straight ahead is a bar where you can order one of their cocktails.

To your left is a small shelf. Everything is neatly placed on it and there are bottles and other merchandise you can buy.

To your right is a fireplace.

There were a bunch of people ahead of us and the bartenders were working hard to get them their drinks.

While the drinks they were making looked tempting, Victoria and I decided to buy a bottle and consume it at home.

I was told this is a Jamaican-style rum. The sugar cane is brought in from Louisiana. The rest of the process is done on site. I heard they do give tours of the distillery, but the distiller was not there that day. I’ll definitely have to come back and see this. It was interesting seeing the Wicked Dolphin distillery. I definitely want to compare and report back!

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