Independence Coffee Co., Brenham, TX

When visiting Brenham, I decided to stop for a cup of local coffee. I found a place called Independence Coffee Co.

The coffee place was this huge steel shed. You could tell it was more of an industrial operation looking at the outside of the building. When you get close to the door, you can tell they’re really cranking out the coffee. There is a great aroma of coffee that pulls you to come inside!

The inside also had the industrial feel to it. There was a small store area, but the rest of the building is dedicated to making the coffee. Since the store was small and the building was big, I could estimate the scale of their operation. I really didn’t look into detail since they only allowed pictures of the store. I’m assuming it’s like Wolfhead Coffee but many times bigger.

There wasn’t a place to sit inside, so I got my coffee to go. I got the daily brew and also a few other sampler packs to try at home.

I was told they would eventually be opening a cafe, so I’ll have to watch for that the next time I’m in Brenham.

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