Independence Coffee Co. Coffee Review

On my trip to Independence Coffee Co., I picked up three different coffee flavors to sample. They were Jet Fuel, Earlywine Breakfast Blend, and Madalyn’s Backyard Pecan.

Jet Fuel is a dark roast with a kick to it. It will hit you in the face a bit and definitely earns the name Jet Fuel. It is very smooth for a dark roast and one of the best dark roasted coffees I’ve tried so far.

Earlywine Breakfast Blend is a standard breakfast blend. This one tasted a little burnt and not as smooth as other breakfast blends I’ve drank. For a breakfast blend, it was nothing special, and the other coffees I tried were much better.

The final coffee I tried was Madalyn’s Backyard Pecan. Upon opening the package, it had a sweet aroma. This aroma was also present after brewing the coffee. It smelled great! This coffee is a lighter roast and clean and crisp overall. It’s a great flavored coffee, and the pecan has Texas written all over it!

Overall, I think Independence Coffee Co. makes pretty good coffee. I wasn’t that impressed with the breakfast blend, but the other coffees made up for that and then some.

I only tried a few flavors, but Independence Coffee Co. has many other flavors to try:

Give a few of these flavors a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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