J & J’s Pizza, Denton, TX

When Victoria and I arrived in Denton, we were hungry. We figured we’d explore downtown, but not before getting something to eat. J & J’s Pizza looked like the perfect place to get a quick bite to eat.

By quick, there was a bit of a line. That’s always a good sign that the food is good. The line also moved fairly quickly.

I was able to look around a bit while waiting in line. J & J’s reminded a bit of Polito’s Pizza in Stevens Point, WI. I guess the main difference was Polito’s is more into Point Special, whereas J & J’s has an affinity to Schlitz.

There was a lot of interesting things on the menu and a wide variety of soda.

Victoria and I ordered, walked past the old school jukebox, and then took our number over to the table.

One soda that caught my eye was Jolt. I remember trying their other flavors in high school, but it was amazing being able to try the original Jolt Cola. This would help energize me for more exploring!

I sat for a bit and the food arrived. It was hot outside so I opted for a sandwich. Victoria got a calzone.

I had to go to the bathroom, so I walked the long hallway to the back. From there, I saw more affinity for Schlitz.

J & J’s Pizza hit the spot. The sandwich filled me up but didn’t leave me too full that made wandering around in the heat a challenge. Next time we drop by, we’ll have to try one of their pizzas. I know Victoria liked her calzone so I’m sure the pizza is great!

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