Jacked Up Mac

The purpose of my work road trips is to either deploy and/or fix technology. For the most part, I maintain my personal stuff very well and I have found that Macs, and the MacBook Air that I have, are very low maintenance. Everyone once and a while, I do have a technology fail. My first personal technology fail on the road was with my phone at RockUSA. Being on the road compounds trying to figure things out since you often don’t have a backup device to work with. Having to recover my Mac was the second technology fail I experienced on the road and it was definitely an interesting experience.

The issue I was having with my Mac is for some reason xCode would not update. I have tried many different things and it still wouldn’t update. I also had a bunch of garbage files leftover from a previous install of Android Studio. With that, I figured I’d just wipe the computer clean and start over. Since I don’t currently have internet at home, I needed to do this on the road. I decided I would do this on my Amarillo, Lubbock, and Abilene trip.

I proceeded to back everything up via Dropbox when I was in Amarillo. The next day in Lubbock, I decided to go into the recovery console and then wipe everything clean. Now the great thing about Macs is they have a recovery console that will basically pull OS X and reinstall it from the internet. This makes it nice that you don’t have to search for a recovery disc like you would Windows.

Now I have wiped the Mac clean once before and reinstalled OS X with no issues. I thought this would be a simple process to do it again. I was definitely wrong on that. I went ahead and reformatted the partition. For some reason, the installer would not run when i tried to reinstall the OS. I decided to reboot, which ended up being a fatal mistake. The OS was gone and all that came up on the screen was a folder with a question mark!

I tried going into the recovery console but could not. It tried to start internet recovery.

It kept erroring out, so I figured I needed to have a wired connection since it did not want to connect to the WiFi. After work the following day, I drove in the rain to the mall and found a place called, “Simply Mac.”

I bought ThunderBolt to ethernet adapter and plugged it in.

For some reason that did not work. I found a way to connect to WiFi, but I could not get it to work on the La Quinta network. I finally tethered it to my phone and it worked! I have a felling the internet didn’t work because I was unable to click on the captcha to be allowed to connect and get out to the internet. Apple, if you’re reading this, you need a basic browser in your recovery console to allow people to click on captchas so they can recover their Macs in a hotel room or at some place like Starbucks.

After eating almost all my high speed data allowance for the month, I finally got OS X Mavericks installed.

OSX Mavericks was several versions behind the current version, Sierra. It definitely did feel like I went back a few years in the past. It’s crazy how antiquated things can look! Now that I could connect to the WiFi, I installed the update for Sierra and got back into 2016.

It took a few days to recover and get all of my programs to reinstall and Dropbox to sync. Microsoft Office did not want to work and, since I’m no longer a student, I couldn’t download another copy. I decided to start using iWork instead and it seems to be fitting my needs. I used it to type up this blog entry and am happy to say I am back up to speed with my MacBook Air!

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