Jacob’s Well, Bryan, TX

Growing up, I drank water straight out of the ground. The well water at my parents’ house is actually pretty amazing! It’s always clean and fresh and it’s the best water I’ve ever drank. In the city of Bryan, this is not the case. Their tap water is very salty and doesn’t taste the best.

This is where Jacob’s Well comes into place. They sell purified water. This water tastes similar to what I would get at my parents’ house. Victoria and I loaded up the back of her grandparents’ car with empty jugs. We then headed over to Jacob’s Well with them to fill the jugs up.

The store itself has a small profile. Jacob’s Well is very focused on water and water alone!

We all started to fill up the jugs of water. It was definitely a team effort!

Victoria’s grandpa is a regular there, so he arranged a small tour of the back. I got to see the purification equipment. I learned that on a busy day they sell about 200 gallons of water and their tanks have an 850 gallon capacity.

After the tour, I saw a plaque on the wall with test tubes of their water vs. Bryan city water. Bryan’s water does look very salty!

After filling all the water jugs up, we put them in the back of the vehicle. We also got some ice. I’m guessing the salty ice made from Bryan city water probably wouldn’t make a drink taste too good.

It was interesting seeing a place like this. I just took for granted the good water I grew up drinking at my parents’ house. I was fortunate to be able to get it straight from the tap. In places like Bryan, you have to put a little more work into getting good tasting water. It’s great there are places like Jacob’s Well that fill in this gap and provide better water!

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