The Jetty, Fort Pierce, FL

After the hotel bar closed, Mat and I headed to another bar on the same block called, “The Jetty.” This bar definitely had a neighborhood bar feel to it. One thing that really stood out was the service. The bartender was really on top of her game. I swear as I was taking the last swig of my beer, she had another one ready and was setting it in front of me.

Mat and I ended up staying here until actual bar close. I also found out the majority of people there at the time were actually locals. We talked to these 2 older guys who had been there their whole lives. It definitely was definitely interesting to hear their stories and how much the area had changed over the years. The atmosphere and service were great, so this was definitely a cool bar to hang out at.

Something that surprised me is you can still smoke in the bars in Florida. I figured at the hotel bar, they only allowed it because it was partially outside, but I guess I was wrong.

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