Jim’s Restaurant (Burnet Rd), Austin, TX

Jim’s is one of my future father-in-law’s places to eat. He is visiting for Christmas, so he wanted to meet us there for breakfast. We went to the Burnet location this time.

He already had a table so we just sat down there. That’s definitely a plus since that’s where Jim’s failed last time.

One thing about Jim’s is the menu is huge. It’s like Perkins in a lot of ways where they have anything and everything. I do like these kind of restaurants.

I ordered the Texas omelette. The portions were huge and it came with tons of meat!

While my past experience has led me to criticize their service, one thing I can’t criticize is their food. The omelette was really good! I was completely stuffed and actually gave away the biscuits I got. I can say this experience was much better than the last. Maybe I’ll drop by again in the future.

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