JJ’s Pizza, Broussard, LA

JJ’s Pizza is a local pizza joint in Broussard, LA. They put a Cajun twist on their hand crafted pizzas and make a great shrimp queso. I visited JJ’s with my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

When we walked inside, there was a small bar in the front. We then walked back to the area with the tables. There was a poster on the wall that challenged us to eat their monster pizza.

We sat down at the table, and all the condiments you’d expect at a pizza joint were awaiting us.

The menu had a lot of good choices and showed you were in Cajun Country. There were pizzas named “Gator Bait.” The Toutes Les Choses was in French. Shrimp was a topping you could get, and you could have the pizza seasoned with “swamp dust.” With a menu like this, it was clear this wasn’t a typical pizza joint!

While also staying close to the Cajun Catholic roots, there was a Lenten menu. The Lenten menu had all seafood for the meatless Fridays. I have never actually seen a separate Lenten menu before, so this is a first.

For my drink, I ordered a beer. I made sure to get a Cane Brake from no other than Parish Brewing Company!

One of the appetizers we got was shrimp queso. Queso is a big thing in Austin, but I’ve never had it with shrimp. This shrimp queso was excellent! You could taste the shrimp flavor throughout the queso. This is something I definitely need to eat more of!

We also got some cheese bread. That was pretty good too!

One pizza we got was the Crab Alfredo. I’ve never had crab on a pizza before, so this was new to me. It was good!

Another pizza we had was the carnivore. It was almost pure meat! I do love meat, so this did go down well!

The last pizza we had was the JJ Special. This one had shrimp on it. I love shrimp, and it has me wondering why more pizza joints don’t use shrimp instead of anchovies. Shrimp is so much better on a pizza than anchovies. I think other pizza joints need to take JJ’s lead. They need to put shrimp on the pizza and not be sparing about it!

I checked for wifi but didn’t see anything.

Overall, JJ’s Pizza is a cool place. It has a very Cajun twist. This makes it a unique place to visit as it reflects the local area well. I’m definitely glad my aunt and uncle decided to take me to this place. The shrimp queso is something I am on the look out for now, as well as shrimp on pizza. JJ’s set a high bar, so I’ll report back when (or if) I find something that compares!

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