Joey’s Seafood, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Upon making it past secondary questioning, and after a whole 7 hours of driving, I was hungry. One place that I know is my buddy Ryan’s favorite, and he will shout out to them on his radio show, is Joey’s Seafood. It is right off of Arthur Street, so it was right there on the side of town I was coming in from.

I went inside and was seated. They definitely did a good job with their nautical theme.

The menu had a lot of good things on it and it was hard to choose.

Austin is known for its tacos and I have come to love them. I know these type of tacos are pretty much everywhere in Austin, but it definitely good to try them in different places. Joey’s tacos were definitely good and filled me up!

All in all, Ryan made a good recommendation. I can see why this is one of his favorite places to eat. I know this is one of the first places that’s right there when you first come into town, so if I get hungry again from driving up on a future trip, this will be an easy stop the second I hit town.

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