Julio’s Corn Tortilla Chips & Restaurant, Del Rio, TX

When it comes to hot sauces, Julio’s chipotle is one of my favorites, especially for tacos. In my search for local Texas products, I found this at HEB and saw it was from Del Rio, TX (which is about 4 hours from Austin on the border). When I found out I needed to go to Del Rio for work, I was excited that I would be able to visit Julio’s and also dine at their restaurant.

You can definitely tell you’re coming to a Mexican restaurant by the outside of the building.

The restaurant was setup like a fast casual restaurant. Since their special of the day was the red taco plate and I know Julio’s chipotle sauce goes great on tacos, that’s what I ordered. I got my number and waited at the table.

In the meantime, they brought out some chips in salsa while I was waiting. Just like their hot sauce, the salsa with the chips was great! They also make their own tortilla chips. For me the chips are little too seasoned eaten plain, but having them with salsa there did work out well since it tempered some of the seasoning.

Eventually my tacos came out and they brought me a bottle of chipotle hot sauce. The food didn’t disappoint and was great!

While I was waiting for my food and after I ate, I did a little walk around of the restaurant. It has a very authentic feel to it.

Between the food being excellent and it having an authentic atmosphere, I do think they do a great job overall. I was happy that my search for local products ultimately led me to this place. I know if I’m ever passing through Del Rio again, this is on my list of places to stop.

For good measure, I bought some of their salsa and also a bottle of habanero hot sauce. I can definitely say the habanero hot sauce packs a lot more kick than the chipotle sauce does!

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