July 10: Thunder Bay to Sudbury, Ontario

After hitting up Thunder Bay hard, it was time to say goodbye and hit the road for Toronto. The plan was to drive as far as I could and maybe stop a little bit along the way to see things. My first stop was actually in Nipigon to get some breakfast at a Robin’s Donuts.

One thing I noticed with the drive is there were huge fluctuations in temperature as I went around Lake Superior. It would also get really foggy in spots and then be super clear in other spots.

This was a quick stop at a scenic lookout along the way.

The stop was quick and I was soon on my way to driving again. I had to take a leak so I stopped at an information center. Unlike the rest stops I stopped along the way from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay, this one had running water, a bunch of cool artifacts inside, and even had people camping outside of it (which I was told was allowed, unlike most US rest stops).

My next stop was this attraction sort of rest stop by Sault St. Marie.

As with the other stops, I took a quick leak and hit the road again. I made it to yet another rest stop with running water and was able to catch the sunset.

Later that night I needed gas and I was hungry, so I stopped and got some pepperoni sticks and a sandwich after filling up. I ended up staying the night at another rest stop around Sudbury, Ontario.

The bugs were definitely killer at this rest stop. Luckily it was cold enough I could keep the windows fully up and not burn up, like I would have in Texas this time of year. I was able to get some sleep and be ready for another long day of driving the next day.


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